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My name is Laura - certified platonic touch therapist and founder of Lekker Cuddles.

I absolutely love people, and relate effortlessly and genuinely to everyone I meet. Many people say they are deeply comforted by my warm demeanor, and that my vibrant energy and sense of humor are infectious.

The Lekker Cuddles experience provides indulgent and genuine platonic intimacy through platonic touch that is curated exactly to your needs and preferences. You will leave feeling simultaneously relaxed and infused with energy, and experience transformative and immediate benefits.

I look forward to embracing you! Laura.

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Certified by Cuddle Professionals International

Certified by Cuddle Professionals International


  • Lekker Cuddles Signature Session
    90 minutes for €110
  • 2 hours for €140
  • 3 hours for €200
  • Please inquire for corporate rates


Touch is a fundamental human need, and several scientific studies have confirmed its healing and transformative power. The many benefits are both psychological and physiological and include:

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Client Testimonials

Laura is a kind person, and sincere in her communication. Laura's responsiveness and attention to detail over online messages was definitely something that impressed me. She structured the cuddle session in a way that was calming and beneficial for me.

I appreciate her professionalism and patience in having understood my doubts and perceptions about my body, and for having taken efforts to help me feel reassured about my participation in the session. Looking forward to the next session with her in the near future.

- Jonah, 36

Initially I was sceptical. Due to sensitivity to tactile engagement I felt unsure I would get an enjoyable or comfortable reaction out of the experience. Beyond that, I was nervous; as one may be when trying something new. In the end, I overcame this not due to the nature of the experience but rather by the hospitable environment that Laura provides.

Her ability to make one feel comfortable in a new situation is more than admirable, it took me awhile to have her magic take effect but upon realisation that a lot of my qualms were imagined, the experience became progressively more normalised.

In the process of seeing Laura, I learned a lot about myself when tactility is concerned. Breaking down barriers like the one keeping me from engaging more intimately with people was positively affected. For that reason, beyond the ones mentioned before, I can highly recommend the experience, especially if you feel like you're being held back by a fear or sense of awkwardness when touch and intimacy is concerned, this experience is a perfect stepping stone in normalising tactility in your life.

- Anonymous, 23

What a wonderful session I had with Laura. She is very warm and caring and a great cuddler. I have rarely felt so calm and relaxed as I did after our time together, although an hour isn't really long enough.

Laura ticks all the boxes: She's a skilled professional with a great sense of humour and is a lovely person. I can't recommend her highly enough.

- Simon, 44

A very unique and stress relieving experience. Laura has the ability to create a very comfortable atmosphere, right from the start!

The session left me feeling high & happy. I highly recommend Lekker Cuddles, it's a beautiful step into making platonic intimacy as normal as it should be!

- Eva, 26'

It was only through the process of breaking through my curiosity of what professional cuddling meant that I realized how physically isolated I had become over the last year.

Laura's ability to sit with, be present, and nurture helped me re-establish pieces of my identity that I had been struggling with.

Physical contact is such an important (and underrated) part of being human. This is an intensely meaningful experience.

- Guy, 41

I have been so stressed lately (lol always) but really felt more chill and calm after my session with Laura. More in one piece, if that makes sense.

I don't let people get so close naturally, but Laura has a talent to make the situation feel so comfortable. Even for me 🖤

- J, 28

Laura is funny, sweet, caring and most of all a great cuddler!

She surprised me with her awesome personality, making me feel comfortable from the first minute right to the end of the session.

I can't wait for a second session!

- Jelle, 22

Laura is the best ever and I am not saying this under duress (lol). Friendly, caring, an attentive listener and a great cuddler.

- K, 38

The soul sucking effects of lockdown have really affected me. I came across Lekker Cuddles and apprehensively booked an appointment. I was so glad that I did! The session left me feeling energized, upbeat and optimistic.

Laura has a unique personality and great sense of humor. I also think it's a beneficial service for anyone who's transitioned to working remote and doesn't have a great deal of human contact. I'm really happy I decided to set my apprehension aside and have this wonderful experience.

- G, 40

In this crazy world, we need people like Laura; she is trying to make this world a better place and giving people hope that it will be alright. I equate cuddling to an act of kindness, which is precisely what she is doing. Platonic intimacy is powerful, and Laura knows precisely what she is doing.

I was nervous when I met her, but she managed to put me at ease with her calming personality. After the session, I felt like I wanted just to eat and sleep; that's what I did, and I slept like a baby after 2 years. Thanks, Laura, for a beautiful experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.

- A, 40

The decline of platonic intimacy is one of the most tragic consequences of modern life. Without it I have completely lost my relationship with myself over the years, but after our cuddling session, I began to sense the possibility of rekindling it.

Laura is exceptionally skilled at establishing rapport, dismantling barriers, and guiding intimate conversations into healing interactions with professional candor.

- R, 39

I was initially sceptical about seeking professional cuddling. As I needed physical comfort and some alone time, I booked myself a session. I'm glad I did it.

Laura helped me ease into the session and my half hour session was relaxing. Thank you Laura! 😀

- P, 32

Laura has amazing energy and enthusiasm. The session was relaxing for both mind and body. Felt completely at ease due to her bubbly personality. Would highly recommend!

- P, 26

Laura is so professional , she will guide you smoothly If its your first session. Also, communication during the session is so friendly.

In addition, the session will make you travel to another world full of calmness and relaxation. I definitely advise people to give it a try. I cant wait for the next sessions.

- N, 32

I feel being a human in its purest state. I can smile and be truly happy, I can cry when I'm feeling pain, every emotions feels maximized.

I found my 'Home' without traveling to my native country. Laura is an amazing person and that is an understatement.

- A, 20

The session was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I'd highly recommend Laura and Lekker Cuddles.

- M, 49

Laura knows her profession very well and she has a natural gift for cuddling. After a nice introduction and the framework of boundaries on both sides, the session started. The energy that Laura radiates and conveys is wonderful, relaxing and energetic. The hour and a half ended on Friday and afterwards I lost the stress of my work and was full of energy again.

Laura also wants to offer programs for companies. I think every company benefits from that. After all, less stress among employees means happier employees and therefore more productivity. In short, contact her!

- J, 44

Initially I had some reservations about seeking out professional cuddling, because I was concerned it would feel in-authentic, and as a consequence unsatisfying.

Laura easily proved that wrong. She is a kind soul, and she has very positive & joyful energy. She puts a lot of love into her job and you feel that when you have a session with her.

Also, Laura has a gift for calming any nerves you might have and she communicates very effectively. So, I'd highly recommend her!

- L, 23

The cuddle experience with Laura was very therapeutic for me. I could feel my mind calming down and my body relaxing. I felt kind of high during the cuddling, and satisfied and peaceful after it.

I liked her energy very much. I would book another session with her again.

- T, 42

I felt very good and I was smiling when going back home. I still feel the benefits right now.

I didn't realise being touched this way was very important for me and my body needs it. It is a good realisation and something important to know for my future relationships.

- L, 37

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